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Freddy Aguilera, one of the top male harpists in Australia with his unique acoustic and electric harp, He captivates the audience at every event. Freddy is well known for his mesmerising musicals and his spellbinding melodies.

His repertoire has made him one of the most talented performers in Australia for weddings, corporate functions, shows and private events.

Freddy originally from Chile and now residing in Sydney, a harpist who knows how to create beautiful international melodies. Freddy is not just an Australian sensation, but renowned internationally. He completed most of his harp studies in Paraguay and today is one of the finest male harpists. He has charmed audiences wherever he has performed.

Freddy’s passion and dedication towards music makes him an exceptional performer.

Freddy Aguilera has participated in Australia’s Got Talent on Channel 7 in 2007 and was one of the finalists of the show. He has also performed in many well known shows all over Australia as Tivoli Show and has toured at Queensland, Melbourne and travel to New Zealand to perform live.

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